Born in 1990 in Bulgaria to a Bulgarian mother and Polish father, Florian Pekazh is а dedicated book lover and аn aspiring writer since his youngest years, filling his school notebooks with fantastic stories. His other child interest being computers (mainly dissembling them), he chooses to study electronics and is the proud geek holder of the title “engineer”.

Raised in the home of a publisher and surrounded by books, he soon finds his way to what would become his favorite genres – Fantasy and Science Fiction with a special spark for Epic Fantasy. He spends every moment reading icons such as Tolkien, Clark, and Lem.

He created his first blog at the age of 12, gaining quite some followers. In a changed format his blog for the last 3 years has been dedicated to literature, fantasy, and SF and was nominated as an Influencer of the two genres in Bulgaria.

In 2014 a short story of his is published in the Dracus magazine, and later that year another one is selected among the best in the renown in the Balkans SF&Fantasy competition named after Agop Melkonyan.

In 2017 one of his short stories - "The Swelter" was awarded an honorable mention from The Writers of the Future contest.